ONE LINE BEAUTY AND WELLNESS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was founded last May 1, 2015 in the heart of Kalibo, Aklan (near Boracay, Island) by a group of dynamic network marketers who have the heart in helping people to make realize their dreams. Their expertise in importation and sourcing raw materials or finished products from local and abroad especially in wellness and beauty industry inspire them to put up their own business here. Their goal is to help local network marketers and to train them to be the top and best network marketers in the Philippines. With corporate experienced in training, selling and management of different kinds of companies in Metro Manila they are able to stand on their own. They believe that helping one another is the real essence of network marketing.


  • To remind every Filipino that " Health is Wealth."
  • To provide research-based products that are safe and supplemental to proper nutrition of all Filipinos.
  • To develop entrepreneurial spirit in every Filipino.
  • To alleviate economic status of every Filipino by becoming an independent distributor.
  • To inform every Filipino that network marketing is a legal business system and it is the fastest way to realize one's dream.
  • To help the local government by paying our taxes because we believe that is the duty of every Filipino citizen.


Our products will be a product of every Filipino home worldwide

Core Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity / Innovation
  • Network
  • Excellence